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What People Say About what it's like to Work with Us

"Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge and expertise with me. You work brilliantly together, and I trust absolutely your combination of knowledge and experience."

Joanna Gardner Sargent

"Working with you has not only taught me principles and practices, but allowed me to elevate myself to be a competent practitioner and to believe in myself."

Debra Jinks

"Janice works with a real mix of experience, wisdom and intuition. This blend is a rare gift and working with her made a big difference in my life." T.J. Florida

"Janice has a completely 'can do' attitude. She has inspired me on so many levels to make transitions in my life and achieve success." H.L.J.Hull

"Graham has challenged my thoughts and beliefs about myself and has always done this from a position of support, acceptance, love and humour." J.H. London.

"I have never met someone with such in-depth and yet diverse breadth of knowledge and a natural ability to be able to communicate this to others." A.L.Leeds.

Feedback from training courseschallenge and skils

"This training is already having an impact in 2 ways. Firstly it has helped me to coach myself which has helped to reduce my stress levels; I feel more in control, more organised and more confident about tackling the less comfortable issues about at the moment with the team. Secondly it has helped in my interactions with others, whether this is in a team meeting or on an individual basis I have begun to use coaching skills and strategies and starting to notice a difference already. The most noticeable difference is in me and how I feel and I hope that this will continue and start to make a difference to others. The other noticeable effect is being able to keep to time and agenda whilst enabling people be heard, not being side tracked."

Senior Manager. UK Health Trust. 2011

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