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Psychiatric Nursing Skills: A patient centred approach

1st and 2nd Editions (Nelson Thornes, 2000, 336 pages) are no longer in print but available as second hand books often advertised on e-bay or Amazon

The most important feature of this book is the detailed insight into how the mentally ill might feel, providing pointers to problems and needs and the appropriate nursing therapeutic response. The text is divided into three equal parts, each with clinical examples and exercises.


Out of Bounds: Sexual Exploitation in Counselling and TherapyOut of bounds

A long-overdue exploration of a rarely discussed issue, Out of Bounds clearly and sensitively addresses sexual exploitation in counseling and psychotherapy. The first part of this compelling volume discusses the various dimensions of sexually exploitative practice. It overviews contexts and concepts, examines the effects on clients and suggests strategies for the practitioner to both avoid sexual exploitation and confront it in the organizational context. Throughout, the author relates her theoretical analysis to her own research with clients. The next section of the book addresses implications for practice. It reviews ethical perspectives and outlines the author's models for understanding and working with sexuality and sexual abuse in the therapeutic setting. The book concludes with recommendations for further work in this area. Practitioners and students in psychotherapy, counseling, clinical psychology, and social work will appreciate Out of Bounds for its forthright treatment of the sensitive subject of sexual exploitation. "Janice Russell's experience as a counselor, supervisor and trainer within counselling combined with a background in sociology clearly informs her approach to the whole book. . . . The author successfully avoids setting herself up as an authority but seeks instead to open up the debate making possible suggestions for change rather than giving definitive prescriptions. . . . This book is essential reading for all those working in the helping professions-not just counselors and therapists."

Fundamental Review of Psychology

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