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An Algarve Affair

By Janice Russell

Izzie Childs is turning 50, wondering what happened to feminism and finding herself caught up in the conundrum of being both a smart post-feminist woman, and a little more obsessed than she'd like to be on issues of fat, looks and wrinkles. When she finds herself in Portugal for a month and lusting after a young man who cleans the pool, Izzie realises that despite a life of counselling and self-awareness she is deep in mid-life crisis. Izzie decides to chronicle the trials and tribulations of her quest to integrate her feminist ideals with the shocking reality of her inner feelings, often with hilarious results, sometimes with great poignancy, and always in a way which readers will recognise for themselves. "Izzie's personal journey over her month in the Algarve is funny, charming and filled with insight. A wise, warm and intelligent story about growing up and growing older." Cassandra Parkin, author of New World Fairy Tales and Lighter Shades of Grey.


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A Waste of Good Weather - coming soon.

This is a clever chick and man lit book documenting the adventures of a Middlesbrough couple, Stan and Evie, as their boring lives are shaken up by destiny and double crossing. Terry becomes immersed in acts of revenge and manages to pull off the perfect crime, while Dawn finds surprising sides to life in Amsterdam. Amusing, moving and highly original, this is a great read.

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