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The picture denotes the common cry of life for some...but sadly not for everyone. We're sure you'll agree that life's journey holds many twists and turns for all of us. At certain points we all have experiences which change us or demand changes from us in our innermost being.

For example, we may be made redundant, our relationships may end in separation or divorce. We move to new environments, we lose people we love. We reach another life stage when children have arrived, or grown and left us. Or we simply just realise that we want to spend our lives doing something different.

At these points, it’s important to make choices about our future. We need to follow the process of change, to let go of the past, and to pay real attention to what we want instead.

At Health and Life Transitions we offer face to face coaching and on-line coaching. This approach is designed to help individuals 'recharge their batteries', restore their confidence, and plan for a better future.


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