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You may wonder just how useful coaching might be for you personally. Life coaching is an activity to support you to fulfil your potential, to feel more directional, and to reach a higher ‘performance’ level in your everyday life. This may mean something as simple as developing a more effective routine in terms of time management, health and fitting in the activities that have value for you. It may mean getting over the procrastination list. Or it may mean making life-altering decisions at transitional points and finding the resources to fuel them.

There are a number of possible events or reasons that might influence you to decide to engage in life coaching:

You get the picture, and in such circumstances life coaching is a great asset to assist you to identify what you would like for your life to be more balanced, purposeful and fulfilled. You can learn how to make helpful changes in thinking and behaviour which will sustain change in your preferred direction - because you are definitely worth it!

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