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Health transition can occur at any time in our life. Health is a cocktail of our genetic predispositions and tendencies, our environment, our habits, and our mental attitude.

At certain points of our lives, we face health challenges. These may come about through accident or injury: sometimes we are dealing with chronic illness. The challenge may be in a shocking or surprising diagnosis, such as diabetes, cancer, MS, neurological degenerative conditions, immune deficiency problems, or Parkinsons, to name a few. Or sometimes we find ourselves dependent on substances or unhealthy habits or lifestyle.

spaceandtimeWhether overcoming illness or simply wanting to optimise your health and well being coaching will be helpful.

Whether physical or psychological issues are the centre of your focus coaching can help. Coaching is about understanding what changes we want to make and what parts of our life we want to improve. Health issues are no different, setting clear goals, and devising better strategies to achieve them is part of the coaching process. Working logically and methodically towards a better health outcome with a coach that understands the issues may be one of the most valuable thing you can do in health changing situtations.


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