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woman execExecutive Coaching

Thorough, Logical, and Evidenced Based Approach

Executive coaching is a well-used strategy within business or corporate coaching. It is used as an aide to assist senior executives to maximise their potential in the interest of the business in which they operate. Defining ‘senior executive’ can be problematic as in practice executive coaching is sometimes offered to individuals with potential from middle management through to chief executive level.

We advocate the use of a model for coaching which enables a thorough, logical, and evidenced based approach.


modelThe Key points

Generally, the contract allows for a degree of self-development and awareness, and often incorporates the use of feedback to maximise efficiency.

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The leadership aspect of the senior executive's role is of paramount importance in the focus of the coaching, and this aspect implies a responsibility to manage and balance both the human resource and competitive nature of business. Therefore it entails a keen emphasis on learning as part of the executive role and is almost always contracted with an external coach who can operate from an unbiased position.

everybodyWho needs Executive coaching

You might seek executive coaching when:


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