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breaking cultureCorporate - Culture Change

Why should we bother?

Culture change is often needed before the organisation can live up to its philosophy or vision.

For example we often hear how useful a no blame culture can help organisations get better results. By introducing a 'no blame' or 'low blame' culture, individuals are more likely to own their mistakes, and ask for help. This in itself can enable a better feedback loop so that continuous improvements can be made. This not only removes unnecessary stress from the workforce, but begins to generate lateral thinking, creativity and raises motivation.

Introducing a coaching culture, which supports the 'struggling' and polishes the 'stars' will ultimately improve efficiency, save on recruitment and reduce the need for induction processes and training new staff. Additionally this type of approach has proved to decrease absenteeism and reduce grievance processes and litigation.

bookandbutterfliesOur approach

HaLT utilises a coaching and training programme to help culture change, coaxing the butterfly from its crystalis through learning and encouragement. Our approach is based on the following:

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